Spring Checklist

Spring showers bring May flowers…. And pollen and lawn mowing and flooded basements!  But at least it’s warm and there’s no snow (maybe…hopefully?)!  So, how do we get ready for Spring?  Here is a quick list to help you get started:

For the home’s exterior, take time to look at:

  • Roof--Look for damaged or missing shingles, shingles that are cracked or curling. You do not necessarily need to walk the roof. Look at it from the ground or use binoculars.

  • Gutters and downspouts--Are they clogged with leaves from the Fall? Are the gutters falling away from the home? Do the downspouts take water at least three feet away from the home’s foundation?

  • Siding--Look for any damage from the winter months. Has any siding come loose from the home? If you have wood siding, are there any holes from critters or wood rot?

  • Deck--Look for rotted wood on the decking and railings. Replace boards as needed. If the deck stain looks worn, think about re-staining the deck. I suggest you use a semi-transparent oil base stain.

  • Window--Look for any windows that have been damaged over the winter months or may have lost the seal. When a window loses its seal, it will fog up.

  • Bug--Look at the home near the ground. Are there any signs of bugs or possible entry points in the home that need to be sealed with caulk?

  • Driveway--Take a walk on the driveway, identify any cracks that need to be sealed once the weather permits.

For the homes interior, take time to look at:

  • Bathrooms--check for leaking water or drain lines in the cabinets, re-caulk the tubs or showers.

  • Kitchen-- check for leaking water or drain lines under the kitchen sink area.

  • Washer and dryer--move the machines and clean the area. Clean the dryer vent of all lint. Make sure the washing machine hoses are steel braided.

  • Furnace--filter, time for a change.

  • Fireplace--clean and seal. If you use wood, think about having it inspected.

Spring cleaning also means de-clutter.  Donate anything you no longer use, you could be helping another person in need.

This is just part of a longer list of things to do to get your home ready for spring.  In Southeastern Michigan, our homes take a beating from mother nature, and the temperatures swing from minus zero to almost 100 degrees in a short time.  Our homes need to absorb this plus all of the humidity (or lack of humidity) and still keep us warm and dry.